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Shippu la Senpu is an arcade shmup (shoot 'em up) under the top-down perspective. In Shippu la Senpu, you play as Ryuko Matoi, fighting hordes of COVERS enemies and of course the arch nemesis pair, Harime Nui and Kiryuin Ragyo. Aside from fighting the bad guys and collecting items as well powerups, you have to also protect your BFF Mako and the Naked Sun battleship who closely follow you and supply you with bombs every now and then. The goal is to survive for as long and gather as much score as possible.

There is a second playable character, but you will have to somehow unlock them.

Shippu la Senpu is a fanmade game adaptation of the anime show Kill la Kill made by Studio Trigger. We love the show, and since there was a Kill la Kill Game Jam over at Tumblr, we thought we should give it a try and make something up to pay tribute to one of our most favorite shows. It took quite a long time under development, but finally we're nearing completion. So here we go, Shippu la Senpu, an arcade shoot 'em up game about Kill la Kill.

Shippu la Senpu is collaboratively developed and presented to you by Clerya Games & Stron9est Studios.

Shippu la Senpu is a fanmade game adaptation product based on the anime show "Kill la Kill" by Studio Trigger. Usage of characters, designs and music found in the product is without any written consent from the respective copyright holder and does not indicate any official endorsement from Studio Trigger. Distribution of the product will stop immediately should the copyright holder demands a cessation.

Use the directional arrow buttons to move the character.

Press Spacebar to fire.

Press A/S/D to activate items in the respective item slots. 

Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorAlex Vu
TagsArcade, kill-la-kill, Shoot 'Em Up


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